SPORTS CAR BUILDING really started seriously in Australia in the 1950s... probably initially with Buchanan... and soon after with JWF. Three friends initially put the cars together in their garages, then built a factory and 300 bodies, kits and cars... went racing ... and revolutionised motoring for enthusiasts. Initially modelled on early Ferrari 2-seater race cars, they evolved into unique designs that won acclaim for their ultra-light-weight, excellent power-to-weight ratio, nimble handling, stunning looks and affordability. THE JWF STORY traces that history for the first time ever - the men, the cars, the horsepower. The book is a 150 page compile of the history and a selection of the most significant and currently traceable cars, featured in glorious colour and mono, road, race and resto. it was patiently nailed together by Bruce Polain, car collector, sometime racer, motorsport event organiser and entrepeneur. Bruce has been writing about sportscars for 4+ decades and actuially grew up with the entire JWF 'Family' of car constructors, racers, and owners. Comprising 150 pages, on beautiful glossy paper with a semi-hard cover

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