Just joining BCCA-NSW gains you low-cost, high-benefit access to arguably the most exclusive Sportscar Club in Australia - and perhaps the world.

Bolwell cars are famous for their unique combination of gorgeous styling and unbeatable performance. Bolwell sports cars took on - and beat - all the world's major production sportscars on the racetrack.

Joining BCCA-NSW opens the door to a wonderland of automotive benefits...HERE'S what you can get for just $20 !

  • Conditional Registration - access to ultra-low-cost, fully-insured roadcar registration. You must be a club member and comply. We guide you through all steps.
  • Public Liability Insurance - when you are on the road, at a Bolwell-sanctioneddd event - whether in your Bolwell , or other car.
  • Wesbsite - Access to the full gamut of services afforded by our comprehensive website - purchase, maintenance, modification, parts and equipment sourcing.
  • Slipstream - Our Monthly Newsletter - jam-packed with info on Bolwells & other Classics, Mechanical & Modification Guidance, Cars Sales, Parts & much more
  • Discounted Products and Services arranged by the Club for its members. 
  • Free entry to Bolwell Car Club Events - and other Major Events supported by the Club - e.g. track days such as Shannons Eastern Creek Classic
  • Trophies - opportunity to win when you bring your ride to Club Events.
  • BCCA Car marketing network - we have unique and confidential access to cars for sale right across Australia (and the World)
  • Club Information Database - access to our unique Library of Data, Modification and Guidance
  • Club Maintenance & Modification Resources - an impressive array of specialised, custom and expert equipment to help your maintain and modify your vehicles.
  • Technical Assistance - Club Database and Club Personnel
  • Pink Slip assistance through our mechanical experts
  • Safe Transport via our dedicated Club Vehicle Uplifts (flat-beds).
  • Fibreglass Repairs through our Club Experts
  • Specialised Mechanical Repairs - through our Club Experts
  • Upholstery and Trim Repairs and Fabrication - through our Club Experts
  • Bolwell Affiliated Clubs - access to their expertise, technical data and personnel
  • Discounted Parts for Bolwells
  • Merchandise - unique to Bolwell, plus Calendars and terrific Prints and Posters
  • Bolwell - an Australian Icon - special discounted access to autographed copies of this landmark board-table-quality book on the Bolwell Story.
  • Coming Soon: Access to our Closed Access Social Media Sites... where you can get the earliest news of global automotive developments and club news.
  • Bolwell Cars - we have a close affiliation with the company building the Nagari 500

Membership fees are only: 

FULL MEMBER: $20 per person per year. 

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: $10 per person per year

Guide: If you own a Bolwell, if you own another Classic Sports Car, If you wish to get the full benefits of the Club, you must join as a FULL MEMBER. (5 cups of coffee)

If you are a Member's Partner, if you are an Enthusiast, an Observer, a Future Owner, you can join as an Associate member (2.5 cups of coffee).

If you think you might like to own a Bolwell or another Classic Car, you can join as an Associate and convert to a Full Member later.

Only Full members enjoy access to all areas of the Site, access to low-cost Conditional Registration for your Car, Discounts, Access to Club Member Expertise

access to special parts etc.

The Membership Year year runs from one Annual General Meeting until the next (the AGM is usually held in July/August). this year, 2020, in September due to Covid19.
Membership Subscription can be paid as follows:

1. By bank deposit or internet transfer to the clubs account (Email: for the bank details)

2. Send a cheque, payable to NSW Bolwell Club, to

138 Railway Parade

Granville NSW 2142

ou must remain financial at all times to maintain your Access, receive Newsletters, utilise conditional Registration, and gain access to all Club Benefits

Those members who have cars on Conditional Registration need to be financial to maintain their registration. Each car on Conditional Registration has to have an individual corresponding financial member of the club.BCCA NSW is one of the Oldest continuously operating Car Clubs in Australia.Formed in 1968 it has operated for 5 decades serving Members and maintaining Australia's most famous and successful Sports Car Marque.
The Club was formally incorporated in 1991.

Bolwell Sports Cars have been built, roaded and raced since 1964, with turnkey sportscars built since 1970.

No other small car manufacturer on planet earth can boast this record.

Bolwell Corporatioon built sports cars up to the 70s, then moved into Industrial Compsites producing high-tech products from truck bodies to aircraft simulators, wind farms, hovercrafts, racing bikes, campervans and vehicle aerodynamic equipment. The Company is now the 5th largest Composites Manufacturer in the world with large plants in Mordialloc Victoria and Rayon, Thailand. Since 2004 it has built new high performance supercars, with the ground-breaking Nagari 500 released late last year.

Membership form

Download, print and complete our Membership form, then post or email it to us and we'll be in contact.

Membership form (DOC 35.07 kb)

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