Mark 8 Nagari

Show walkaround - Sydney Autobrunch, 2nd February 2020
This was a delightful 'Cars and Coffee' style meet, organised by the North Shore Sporting Car Club ( and held in St Ives, near Sydney. Nagari from 5.02- 5.30

HSCC Historic Road Sports & 70'S Race 1 Snetterton

2018 @ Berrima ~ Bolwell Nagari walkaround
Southern Highlands Spring Auto Fest 23 September 2018 @ Berrima Public School Short video of a Bolwell Nagari Convertible that was on display. The Bolwell Nagari was made in Melbourne (Australia) from 1969 through to 1974, with only a small number of the convertibles made. 0.47

Bolwell EFI
Bolwell Windsor EFI Conversion 15.26

Amaroo Park, car races - 1976 Highlights
Amaroo Park , Sydney, car races 1976. 7.01, from 0.27, from 4.36

F40, Testarossa and Bolwell at the dyno
Ferrari F40, Ferrari Testarossa and Bolwell Nagari Roadster at the dyno. The owner of the Bolwell was devastated because he thought his 351 Ford engine would have huge horsepower. Instead, it had just over 1/2 the horsepower of the Testarossa. 10.51

Phillip Island with Bolwell, Bob and Max
Funny day at Phillip Island with a Bolwell Nagari. 6.43

Shannons Nagari
This is a walk around of the Bolwell Nagari at Shannons in Sydney. The auction is set for 14 March 2016 2.18

Bolwell Nagari - Shannons Club TV - Episode 35
Shannons Club TV hosted by Mark Oastler & Joe Kenwright talk about Australia's rich motoring history on the road and in competition. Episode 35 features the Bolwell Nagari. 14:16

Big Vic's Nagari - loop and go.
Big Vic's Nagari 270 deg Turn. First drive after installing the 351C. 0.12

Big Vic's Nagari - Stop and Go

Video: Bolwell Nagari - World's Greatest Cars 2013 Pt.2
Part 2 in our World's Greatest Cars series, with the Bolwell Nagari... 3.36

Bolwell Nagari
Bolwell Nagari first drive after restoration 3.56

Preview: Australia's Greatest Car
What is Australia's greatest ever car? Supercar legend John Bowe and the Unique Cars crew spend a day at the track to nut out one the toughest questions ever. from Unique Cars

Bolwell Nagari 1972
In 1962 Campbell Bolwell transformed his hobby of building special sportscars into a business. His first commercial model, the Bolwell Mk. 4, sold over 200 units.
By the time the Bolwell Company began its diversification into other fibreglass products the five different commercial models they produced - 800 cars in total - had earned Bolwell a unique place in Australia's automotive history. 2.42

Australias fastest sports car1

Bolwells in Action 1980 1986

Bolwells in Action 2

Autoeex Bolwell 1

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - TS12 Woodbridge
Targa Wrest Point Rally 2010 TS12 Woodbridge I Part 1/5
(@ 3:43 Robert Clayton / Diane Wilkinson 72 Bolwell Nagari) 7.14

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - TS9 Woodbridge
Targa Wrest Point Rally 2010 TS9 Woodbridge I Part 1/5
(@ 4:25 Robert Clayton / Diane Wilkinson 72 Bolwell Nagari) 8.07

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - TS4 Dover
Targa Wrest Point 2010 Stage 4 Dover Part 1 of 4
(@ 2:12 Robert Clayton / Diane Wilkinson 72 Bolwell Nagari) 8.08

Bolwell Nagari `351 Clevland, 4 speed Top Loader, LSD

petit tour en bolwell nagari de 1970

John Hartney's Bolwell Nagari, now registered
Now registered 18th May 2012, still original number based on my initials LJH and the 426 was the size of the original Chrysler Hemi engine, it's know fitted with a fuel injected 289 1.24

John Hartney's Bolwell Nagari 2nd run
1971 Bolwell Nagari B8/27 original owner John Hartney ex drag car first registered 1974 with 392 Crysler hemi engine repurchased 2005 now fitted with 289 Ford V8. Fully retored and rebuilt, nearing completion with original registration plates LJH 426 1.21


John Hartney's Bolwell Nagari's first run

Ramon Lopez En Accción

Bolwell Nagari
1972 Bolwell Nagari Coupe in Targa Tasmania 1992. It Was Built, Driven, And Owned At The Time By Robert Wragg Snr....Navigator..Rob Knott...These Were TheYears...You Could Go As Fast As You Wanted With No Helmet.... Powered By A 383 Small Block Chev..... 3.47

Bolwell Nagari at Pukekohe
1972 Bolwell Nagari coupe. 347ci injected Windsor, 430 rwhp. Pukekohe Raceway 2008. The car I'm chasing is a Redline Clubman and was fastest time of the day at the Escort Car Club sprint. My time of 1:07.3 was second fastest outright. 4.26

RIP, Peter Wherrett - 1936-2009
Long-time TV motoring journalist Peter Wherrett passed away today... He's best remembered for his ABC series Torque, and Marque. 0.29

All Ford Day in Cairns (Nagari at 3.03)
Classic Fords, Ford related kitcars and hotrods this winter. 3.33

Julezy's Damo & Shauney Part 2...the Nagari belongs to Hans Bengtsson
Part 2 of Julezy's student film from 2005. I know the script sucks, but there is some cool shots and cool cars in it. It was shot in 2 days with some great mates who will remain nameless, because most are real industry players now and they would probably prefer it that way! 3.03

Julezy's Damo & Shauney Part 1
Part 1 of Julezy's first (and last!) student film. The script sucks but it was a blast to make. Part 2 has all the good bits! 2.15

Bolwell Nagari
Going for a drive with whinging sister 2:59

Bolwell Nagari..Australia`s Ultimate Sports Car
Nagari with 351 Clevland Motor, 4 Speed Top Loader....Air Conditioning, Electric Windows, Cruise, Made in 1974 By Bolwell Factory in Melbourne, Australia 1:46

Bolwell Car Club of NSW BCCA NSW 76 Inkerman Road Balaclava NSW 2575
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