Mark 10 Nagari

2016 Beechworth Golden Horse Shoe Parade - Cars and Bikes
The parade of cars at the Beechworth Golden Horseshoe Parade. Featuring Holden Torana, Bolwell Nagari 300 and many more 4.13 (Nagaris at 2.05-2.50)

Nagari 300
This is a short from the (Australian) Channel ONE motoring show Driven Not Hidden which is shown on Sundays at 2:30pm and repeated on Tuesdays at 10:00am. It shows the new model Bolwell Nagari 300 being test driven around the Haunted Hills Hillclimb at Bryant Park, near Newborough, Victoria, Australia. It also shows some old footage of the original Bolwell Nagari and a current owner's original Nagari. 2.21

Bolwell Nagari walkaround Mororclassica Melbourne - Lorbek
Bolwell Nagari seen in Melbourne Australia. This car is owned by the famous luxury car company Lorbek. 1.01

Interview: Campbell Bolwell
from Unique Car It's hard to imagine a more enthusiastic car nut than Campbell Bolwell, or a sexier creation than his second-generation Nagari. Here he reveals the passion behind the car and some insights into 50 years of building fast toys. 14.37

Bolwell Nagari 2009 | Supercar | Performance |
Drive reviews the Nagari by Bolwell. The Australian made supercar is back on the road after almost 40 years. [Bolwell Nagari, 2009] 2.11

Bolwell Nagari (Orange) 2009
Fifty years ago I had a dream - to design and build sports cars. Campbell Bolwell 1.38

2008 Bolwell Nagari @ International Motor Show, Sydney
This is the 2008 Bolwell Nagari on display at the 2008 International Motor Show held during October in Sydney. The man at the start of the video is Campbell Bolwell, designer and creator of the Bolwell Marque. 1.49

Bolwell Nagari at The Australian International Motor Show
The 2008 Bolwell Nagari on display at the Australian International Motor Show, Darling Harbour 9-19 October 2008. 1.04

Bolwell Nagari

Nagari 2008 - Bolwell Car Company (Quick Version)
Bolwell's latest release... the Nagari. 2.09

Nagari 2008 - Bolwell Car Company
Campbell Bolwell, Australia's legendary sports car manufacturer, showcases his new creation - the Nagari. 5.23

Bolwell Nagari at Melbourne Motor Show
Campbell Bolwell's beautiful Bolwell Nagari on display at the Melbourne Motor Show 0.33

Bolwell Nagari at 2008 Melbourne Motor Show
The new Bolwell Nagari was launched at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show 0:24

2008 Bolwell Nagari
This video is taken from the official company site It tells about the release of their new car 5:24

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