A STRONG roll-up of 22 'Members and Guests' and a good fleet of cars marked the first Shannons meet since the Wuhan Virus came ashore in Australia. Due to circuit works the Bolwell Display was moved to a new area which was managed with the usual display of Bolwells and other Member cars. 

John Barnett hosted the AGM from 10.,45am with attendees Tony Pengilly, JB and KC, Mark Cleaves, Belinda Bogg, Colin Watson, Brett Lewis and Geoff Lewis (Apologies Gordon Ross, Peter Mac and Terry Hume).

Mark Cleaves as incoming Treasurer (December 2021) presented the Financial Report showing the Club's finances growing steadily due to new full and associate members and increased Historic Registration fees. Financial Reports are avilable to all financial Members on request.

John Barnett noted ...

Tony Pengilly presented the latest CMC report emphasising that Police are cracking down on casual speeding, checking logbooks and front number plates. One Member was fined for not wearing a front Number Plate.

All Executive Positions were opened for nominations. No nominations were received and all current position holders currently performing roles accepted to remain in their positions, with all members in favour.

The Meeting concluded at 11.15am. 

Member cars were involved in the circuit parade. 


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