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The Bolwell Car Club of NSW is the go-to Club for everything about Bolwell Sportscars, Bolwell Composites (Global Manufacturing Products), and other Limited Edition Australian Sportscars such as JWF, Buckle, K-M, Buchanan and Nota. ALL sportscar enthusiasts are welcome to join our Club from $10 for Associate Membership. Join us and enjoy the enormous benefits our Club Membership offers… see our Contacts or Membership Pages….


Picture this … 1968… and a Group of enthusiasts is holding a bragging rights party at Beer O'Clock in the lounge room of a Lakemba, Sydney house.

Their special interest is Australian sports kit cars.

Their common link is Bolwell – a garage-based car-company producing Mk4 fibreglass kit cars for road and track.

They have several between them and know of more scattered across the State.

No time to waste… they decide to form the Bolwell Car Club of NSW, right there and then on the lounge-room coffee table…. Their charter… bringing people together for the common interest of advancing Bolwell Sports Cars

From this nuts-and-bolts beginning in Sydney's inner-west, the club quickly grew, accumulated dozens of owners, builders and enthusiasts and has continued to this day.


In the intervening Five Decades, we have built a strong Membership of owners of most of the Bolwell Models. Today the Club has full road registered versions of all the main classic historic models from Mk4 to Mk9. They range from original/untouched 'survivor' models, some in mint condition, to fully or partially restored, modified, upgraded, modern-retro or re-imagined vehicles. Many are fully road registered and driven virtually every day. Others are on Historic Registration Plates and are driven frequently and for Special Events. Still others are race-prepped and compete in Historic Sports Car Racing, Club Events and Track Days.

Many of these cars are priceless – The NSW Club has three of only 18 Nagari Roadsters (convertibles) ever built which are prized as amongst Australia's most Collectable Cars.


Club Members also own rare, original, road and race versions of the Classic Mk4 Sports. We have two Ikaras of only 13 produced – the car that put Bolwell on the Global Composites Manufacturing Map by winning contracts with major companies such as Kenworth Trucks. Bolwell has built more than 60,000 Kenworth Truck Bodies.

And we have magnificent versions of the Mk7, and Mk8 (Nagari) Coupes – the two cars that launched Bolwell into fame as Australia's leading sportscar manufacturer in the 1960s and 1970s – a feat which has never been eclipsed.

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