There is no formal Bolwell club in Queensland, however there is a small and dedicated group of Bolwell enthusiasts.

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Your man on the ground in Queensland is Jason Weber, contact him BY EMAIL

Queensland Events

Checkout this website for events in Queensland

April 2018
A Queensland Bolwell Club is about to begin, contact Jason to get involved
0422 106 484

16th April 2018
"Hi Guys
In order to keep our enthusiasm going for all things Bolwell in QLD ( and a little bit of northern NSW) I propose we set up a BBQ meeting at my renovated house with a big shed. To be discussed is finally forming and incorporated QLD car Club & elect committee members President/ Sectary/ Treasurer/slipstream editor/ parts coordinator/ events coordinator/ cheap rego authenticator. Check out the Constitution and workout what we would charge for membership. NSW is the cheapest at $20/pa and Victoria is about $85.

I will send out an agenda in the next few months
In the mean time we should find as many QLD interested parties as possible

Where 79 Milfoil Street Manly West Brisbane 4179.
Sunday 10/6/2018
Time 12.00 noon
RSVP by the 1.6.2018 (so we can organise enough sausages)"

"In 2018 the Bolwell Car Club held its National Easter meeting at Beaudesert, the first time the event has been held in Queensland. This video is a walk around of the cars on display as part of the weekends events. You will see, in order... Ikara, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7 Convertible, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7, Nagari, Nagari, Nagari Sports, Nagari...then we view around the back of these cars. We then move to the otherside of the car park and see...Mark 7, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7 (voted best car), GT40. There was also a Green Mark 7 and a Byfield from Western Australia there. "