Miscellaneous Parts for your Bolwell

Please let me know if these items have been sold, the details need to be updated or to list new items.
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from Stacey in WA

Mk7 Tail Lights

"I have spoken to Gary of Toyota heritage who has had the ms40 crown (Bolwell mk7) tail light lenses made and are now for sale. Gary has contacts in Japan and says that this particular model is extremely rare this the reason he had them made. I have also asked him to contact me directly if he can get a complete set or the chrome bezel in his travels around the world so I can pass onto our members for a first option of purchase."

For one set of lenses, the cost will be $190. If you get together and order 3 or more sets, the cost will be $165 a set.

To order please contact him directly;

Email- sales@toyotaheritage.com
Website- toyotaheritage.com
Gary, mob #0416645334

John Marr writes
"A friend of mine will be doing a shed clean out soon and he said he has he thinks 3 Celica iron case gearboxes and one which has a adapter plate fitted to suit a Holden 202 motor.
Could you please let anyone in the Bolwell club know if you think they would be interested.
He also has a couple of hq diffs which he will sort out as well.

Contact John on john.marr5@bigpond.com

For Sale......


Fact - Did you know that over 400 Mk7 kits were made and approximately 100 were completed and registered?

The Mk7 is one of the most elegant sports cars ever made and being supplied as a kit - each car reflects the individualism of its owner.

Being a Mk7 owner I have tried to build the "perfect" Mk7 without straying too far from the designers original concept.

Over the years I have developed components to enhance my car, which I have sold as aftermarket options. Here is the list which is still current for purchase for your Mk7
- Rear Hatch Assembly
- Head Light Covers
- Console - Insert (original & new dashes)
- Dash - original style
- Wheel Arches - 14"/15"
- Fire Wall
- Recess Screen Frame

Enquiries: Don Elliott
Telephone: 03 59897296
Mobile: 0416 302636
Fax: 03 59897576
Email: info@dhenterprises.com.au
Web: www.dhenterprises.com.au

For Sale......
Straight out of my Nagari....Top Loader Four Speed complete. With bellhousing shifter speedo cable, good second hand, 11inch clutch $2,000

Contact Colin 02 4647 0919

For Sale......

Super T19 standard gearbox ,as new totally rebuild with power shifter $ 1500.00 or close offer.

8 Corillo rods with 5.1 forced piston +50 $ 1200.00 or close offer.

1 Pair of cast iron high port Windsor 4v heads with stainless valves flow tested excellent condition $1200.00 or close offer, exhaust headers included

A genuine Shelby inlet manifold with genuine down draught 48 IDA weber carburators to suit above heads.

Call Bernie van Elsen on 0413 387 251 for more info , all parts above have been build and tested by K&A engineering. (In South Australia)