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Bolwell Mark 4
Bolwell Mark 5
Bolwell Mark 7
Bolwell Mark 8
Bolwell Mark 10

Bolwell Mark 4

SOLD, going to Victoria Bolwell Mark 4 1964 Group M Sports Car.
With Log Book and C of D. Holden Grey Motor with 4 speed Close Ratio Gearbox and 3 LSD Diffs. Available with all spares and a 4 Wheel Custom built Trailer.
Lap record holder at Wakefield Park and Oran Park GP circuit. Winner of the Frank Matich race for Sports cars at the last Tasman meeting. For Car, Trailer and all spare

"Bolwell at Bathurst 2009"

Bolwell Mark 4B
A brand new MK 4B body (straight from the mould) made by Fibercar, with Coremat strengthening. Light weight tubular chassis to suit, made by or for David Bruce.
Numerous other bits of Mazda origin.
Some rose joints for suspension.
Please call Scott Baxendale for further details 08 8338 1932 or 0428 827 226 or email (in South Australia).
First picture is from the Bolwell Club display in the National Motor Museum.

1964 Bolwell Mark 4
B 4/152
Price: 28,600 Euros
Sports racing car with full FIA papers, also has Australia racing history.
CLICK HERE to see more photos.
Car is in Germany

Check out this short video of the car....

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Bolwell Mark 5

....none that we know of at the moment !

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Bolwell Mark 7

Bolwell Mk VII: "The Last Fibre Car Mk7

Bolwell Mk VII Voodoo Drag Car
Regrettable Sale
The original Voodoo Drag car Rolling shell,VGC
Full Jock McCleod Chromolly tube chassis,
Shortened 9 inch diff, has 727 Torque flite fitted,
Set up for bigblock, all body work done,
Tracked down Allan Davison and have traced history (last ran stroked Windsor/C4),
Was going to restore to last spec but in process of building house and need to liquidate some toys,
Can supply more photo's if interested
NEW PRICE Very Regrettable sale, $5,500
David Homburg
0418 690 398

Car is in NSW

Mark 7 for sale. Deceased Estate.
from the Bolly Blog "Most people know this car. Jon owned it and improved it for almost 30 years, much longer than any of its previous owners. Interior - seats, carpets, dash etc. very tidy. Can't locate door trims (if they exist). Body and paint good but undercoat around both rear wheel arches after repairs. Enquiries can be directed to me (John) at any time. Mobile - 0413 226 009  $30,000.00"  Car is in South Australia. More Pictures at The Bolly Blog

Bolwell Mk 7 Group S project. SOLD, going to Victoria
1967 Bolwell Mk 7

The car has been in principle approved for Group S several years ago with a Holden 186 motor. (186 allowed as a search of RTA (MRA) records showed oldest records with the car running the 186 engine number of the motor that comes with the car). The Group S historic Commission (Tony) was engaged in several discussions with to create a safe race car within the constraints of the original chassis and a very thin fibreglass body. This has been achieved through strengthening the safety of the car with the addition of unobtrusive modern materials and their intelligent application to safety. A highly designed full roll cage has been added with triangulation above the drivers head and side intrusion bars, with the front section demountable, leaving the potential for the car to be road registered with demount of the front section of the cage.

The car comes with the original leaf spring suspension, giving a considerable advantage over many Mk7's that were fitted with the optional coil suspension. Opinion of a few leading race suspension specialists indicated that this is the better configuration (as coil suspension pick up points for both the Mark7 and the Nagari were unfixable for good handling without illegal changing of the suspension pick up ponts for group S, where modern single leaf rear can perform excellently).

The work on the chassis was completed by Damien Connolly, a very bright chassis builder (with quite a quiet low profile) who designed and built a number of very successful cars in the very fast Sports Sedan CAMS category and raced in that category himself.

The primary objective of the work has been to make a safe race car complying with Group S CAMS regulations.

The chassis has been sand blasted and all been re- welded carefully to avoid this typical weak issue.

The whole Chassis was coated with POR 50.

The passenger and driver seat wells have been strengthened with additional material to prevent easy penetration through thin fibreglass and allow safe footings for the roll cage. I can relay results of chassis tests.


The Toyota 4 peed Gearbox that came in the car has a remote shift that is placed nicely within reach, and the box has received closer ratios.

The 186 Engine is yet to be developed, however the engine has the performance potential of a modified Torana XU1 and with a far more aerodynamic body with high potential in group Sb.
A spare performance 186 long motor is included with roller rockers.


The car has good pedal set up allowing heel and toe easily.
The front suspension is tuned with 2 degrees static negative camber as allowed with Group S regulations.
A new laminated windscreen comes with the car.
New Lexan (Polycarbonate) in original wrapping cut to size and shape of the rear and side windows is provided.
Original instruments are provided but are in poor condition and the original wiring harness of Holden is in the car.
With some love and work, this could be among the fastest cars in Group SB and an AUSTRALIAN car.

1967 Bolwell MK7
3.3L blue motor 5sp g/box LSD QLD club rego. Will deliver East coast $30,000 Phone Barry Campbell 0409 964 245

Jim F's Bolwell Mk VII
In very good condition, will trade if something suitable. Genuine XU1 head, triple 1.75 Stombergs, 5 speed supra box, half cage, collapsable steering column, racing harness. Jim has had the car for nearly 30 years. B7/267
The car is road registered, has a racing history and is in Brisbane.

Contact Jim on 0424 252 814 or


SOLD, going overseas. Bolwell Mk7...a few options

1. Bolwell Mark 7, the open top car.
- Engineer designed, built by Lloyd Clonan.
- Square tube, backbone/spaceframe, stressed steel floor, side intrusion bars. Front suspension.
- Double tubular wishbone, anti-dive geometry.
- (New) Spax coilover shock absorbers.
- Cortina uprights.
- Vented rotors, Girling 4 spot brake calipers (all new).
- Escort rack & pinion.

Rear Suspension.
- Five link system, four trailing arms & Panhard bar.
- Anti-squat geometry.
- GAZ coilover shock absorbers (new).
- Ford Cortina (Borg Warner) diff (recon. centre, new brakes).

Other details.

- All brake lines/fuel lines plumbed in.
- Pedal box, floor mounted, brake bias bar, new master cylinder (all new).
- Fuel tank approx. 10 gal., purpose made (steel).
- Engine - Holden 186S, good condition.
- Gearbox - Holden XU1 M21, good condition.
- Tail shaft and universals (new).
- Wheels - Compomotive 70s period 15", 3 piece split.
- Body in gelcoat, good condition.
- Known history of the car. (Victoria).

2. Bolwell Mark 7. Reg. UAG-511.
- Good body and chassis.
- No engine.
- New HR brakes (rotors & callipers).
- LSD diff HR.
- Mags. Tyres 65% tread.
- M20 gearbox.
- Nagari seats
- assorted guages, roll bar.

3. Spare chassis.

- Very good condition, unused since mid 70s
- UC Torana front end.
- HR rear end.

4. Mark 7 roof.

BOLWELL Mk 7: Classic Australian Sports Coupe

" An enthusiests car that needs some work to get realy reliable and usable. Under guards have been boxed in to isolate the carby inlets from the front wheel. Carbys and manifolds cleaned and remounted correctly with sock filters. Car was originally bought as a race car and was bought without seats, but now has a drivers seat and a roll cage.
This car has been originelly set up for racing to some degree, with quite low suspension and a high compression (300 HP)head with roller rockers since replaced with a new low comp186 head. Suspension is very much like Torana with semi trailing arms at the rear, in fact the whole car except for the body is Holden running gear anyway, just needs some work to tidy up areas, like the loose drivers window glass and broken door inner handle, Price is going up as work is done for rego, currently a new wiring loom, lights and some new equipment are being fitted, suspension work is next to raise and fix worn parts? Engineers certificate for the roll cage, seat belts, etc will up the price again before full registration, a great Ausie classic that could be used for historic races?
Contact Fred on 02 6297 4497 or email Car is in Crestwood/Queanbeyan,  NSW

Update 29 December 2016

"New wiring loom and whole electrical system overhauled with modern relays .
300 HP head is on with a new cam and solid lifters.
Radiator and hoses need replacing and engine flushed.
Extractors and possibly pipes needs replacing.
extra head with the car
needs hand brake fitting and tidying up inside.
Been parked for last two years due to ill health.
Generally a good project car."

Bolwell Mk VII 1970.  351 WINDSOR V8, Blue Printed engine, Roller Rockers, Aluminium Heads, 20,000km, Rego until Sept 2011.
Contact Garry on 0439 447 725 or
Car is in Warrnambool, Victoria.
More details to come.

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Bolwell Mark 8: Nagari

1971 Bolwell Nagari Manual

"1971 BOLWELL NAGARI COUPE SN:3441 VIN N0:B825 ENG NO:AIE0273 $79,500 (To be sold UN-Registered & with Vic RWC) BOLWELL'S OWN SHOW CHASSIS After the success of the kit MK7, Bolwell decided that they needed to produce a factory built model to assure the quality control was kept up to standard. With an all new monocoque fibreglass body fitted to their new Backbone Chassis, Bolwell secured a contract with Ford for the supply of their 302/351 V8's and Toploader gearboxes, bringing to life the Nagari (Aboriginal for Flowing). Displayed on Bolwell's stand at the Australian International Motor Show, this Nagari's white chassis and chromed suspension were a focal point for the all new model, and drew immense interest to the locally built sports car. Factory Built and finished in silver this Nagari was delivered new to Dr. Kurt Penzold in 1971. Later in it's life the Coupe was painted Red, and was fitted with bolt on wire wheels. Professionally repainted in Stunning Silver 2Pack paint, and restored back to original Forged Bolwell Wheels this Nagari has not been highly modified, still running it's original drive line with the addition of a 4BBL Holley Double Pumper to help feed it's incredible performance. Priced without Reg, Talk to us about Reg, Club or Other Plate Options. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE: 302ci WINDSOR V8 FUEL SYSTEM: 4BBL HOLLEY DOUBLE PUMPER TRANSMISSION: 4 SPEED FORD TOP LOADER SUSPENSION: INDEPENDENT FRONT, LIVE REAR BRAKES: DISC FRONT, DRUM REAR WHEELS: 14 FACTORY BOLWELL WHEELS""

More photos at

Bolwell Nagari Sports Body
This body was the first out of the K. C. moulds in 1987. It has been stored in a shed ever since except for the last 12 months where it has been stored under this house in Darwin. Ric is looking for expressions of interest, so contact him on or 0417 894 979
He is just selling the body, there is no chassis/engine/components

Update 28 November 2012 "I am moving the Nagari body from Darwin to Melbourne in a hope that it may generate a sale. I have put an asking price of $11k"

Update 21 February 2013 "The car body is now in Melbourne so I have attached a better photo for your Magazine."

Bolwell Mark 10: Nagari

2014 Bolwell Nagari Auto
$148,000 more photos and details at The Healy Factory

for more information go to
$149,000 + on road costs

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Buchanan Racer , unfinished restoration for sale Wal Mitchell's old Buchanan racecar is looking for a new garage to call home. After languishing for many years, the unfinished restoration is available for sale for $32,000. It's run a number of engines over the years but started out as a MG "Y" type chassis with body number 38. At one stage it was fitted with a Grey Holden 6 cylinder engine. Anybody looking for a historic racer would have a good basis to start here.

 According to the owner Matt: " The car is not finished but we have all the major components including correct close ratio gearbox and grey Holden "core engine". Fibreglass body work is 80% complete, chassis is rolling. It has approval in principal from CAMS to be certified for historic racing and just needs to be finished in the selected race period and configuration. We have race records. Pictures and history on this car and its driver. $32000 AUD. For more info Please call Matt 0434088757 or email

Updated Listing 1959 MILANO MG  Ex Bruce Leer
                Driver and part owner Bruce Leer

This is the First of seven Milano's that were produced in the factory, the balance of around 200 were sold as body only kit cars. It is built on a 1933
MG J2 chassis & running gear, with MG TF 1500 motor with quality steel internals, TC close ratio gearbox, TC diff with modified A series centre.
This iconic Australian special is now offered for sale it has just had a full body restoration & repaint in two pack orange ( original colour )
This car is ready to race or can be put back on the road, as it was road registered in 1959. The head has been modified to run on 98 pump fuel.
The car comes with CAMS Historic log book & certificate of description.
It is also eligible for FIA HTP papers for the period up to the end of 1960.
Price for this Irreplaceable Icon $60,000.00  may considered trade ???
paypal accepted    BUT PURCHASER PAYS THE FEES

Genuine enquiries only phone Mike Gosbell 02 66518141 international 61 2 66518141 ( May consider trade )" 
More photos on Ebay

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