Nota, Dural.

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Nota Sportsman
The Nota Sportsman is a traditional front engine, rear drive, Clubman which can be built just for racing, or for both road and track.

Nata Fang
The Nota Fang is designed for the serious sports/racing enthusiast who also wants a nippy road car. It is truly in the spirit of Colin Chapman's original concept for the Lotus 7, brought up to date with a mid-engined layout.

Nota F1
The Nota F1 is a lightweight, mid-engined roadster of exceptional performance and road-holding. Having the engine and gearbox mounted transversely behind the driver capsule means that there is more space than usual in the passenger compartment.

Nota Le Mans
The Nota Le Mans, has an emphasis on a low Cd figure whilst using a ground-hugging, flat bottom rear venturi for maximum ground effects. They have also created a modular rear engine sub-frame so that a range of engines can be fitted.

Nota Chimera
The Nota Chimera is currently under development and will be essentially a fully enclosed version of the Nota F1 sports car, the GT body giving more passenger space and better creature comforts.