Velacia, 3 cars.

"Jim Bennett built the original Velacia, all on his own, the first of three, from scratch including the body moulds, in 1967. A full size plaster master was made by Jim from which the moulds were made, by Jim. That car used a Holden 6 motor with triple SUs and various modifications, a modified Austin Healy chassis and MG suspension. It was written up with a glowing report in Sports Car World in that year and is a great car to this day. The car in the pictures is car Number 2, owned by Tom Sparkes, built in 1969 by Jim and helped by Tom. This car was stolen and completely trashed in 1973. The car was found and rescued by Tom and completely rebuilt by him, this time with his own design chassis, 302 Ford Windsor V8 with mods., modified Jag. rear end, and front end designed using Torana wishbones.This car was raced in club events extensively in the late 70s and early 80s. Car number three was built by Paul Jolly using Jim`s mouldings and his own built tubular chassis. This car uses a Holden 308 V8 with a Ford GT gearbox, and a Holden limited slip 2.78 diff. These 3 cars are still owned by their original owners and are driven on a regular basis."

All the pictures on this page are of the second car