J & S Hunter

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"J&S Hunter Coupe The Hunter Coupe was a fibreglass kit car made in the 1960s by J&S Fibreglass, a small company that specialised in making various removable hard tops and other kit cars including the J&S Beach Buggy, their most successful model. The company was located in Five Dock, New South Wales. It ceased to trade some years ago.

Approximately 20 body shells and chassis units were made. The last was recorded in 1968.

Various motors and components were fitted to the cars. The most common version was fitted with Holden "grey" motors and chassis components. Other known variants include two cars fitted with Jaguar 3.4 litre engines coupled with some Studebaker suspension components, another was fitted with a Ford Zephyr V6 engine.

Several cars were raced. The most famous was built by Ian & Jill Hindmarsh of Kiama, New South Wales. Hindmarsh was a skilled motor mechanic and the car that he built up was presented exceptionally well. As a result the car featured in all of the J&S promotional materials and brochures. The Hindmarsh Hunter was raced in various club events and was quite successful from 1962 to 1966. In Easter 1965 the car was raced at Mount Panorama Circuit New South Wales recording a maximum speed of 125 mph on Conrod Straight. In mid 1965 the Hindmarsh Hunter was fitted with a new Holden 179 engine and raced at Warwick Farm race circuit."

J&S Hunter Holden, Classic Adelaide 2004

(towards the end of the video are some views of the car from outside)

from Stacey in WA…he drove to NSW, January 2016

"Last J&S made saved."

"It was the last Jack Prior chassis body combination sold. Chassis #prb018."

"As some have been told before, when Jeff Simmonds sold J&S in the early 80's, I was promised the moulds. He was the guy who did the flares and spoilers on my blue Hunter, so contrary to belief from some, my cars body mods are factory. He was looking at redoing the Hunter for sale and I gave him freedom to do a styling exercise as my body had flares that where a little crap. The only thing he didn't do was the screen as he said he could easily modify that and was looking at a 240z one.

When I went to pick up the moulds, the new owners had thrown them out. Only one left was the bonnet that I still have.

As this body is very good in general, I am looking at taking moulds from the red one before restoring it to very original. It has a Torana XU1 dash that really fits in well, has HR front cross member with discs (first ones, as per my blue one has FC cross member with Hunter and delbridge disc brake conversion of the era) and rear is a HR with FC lower front wishbones as trailing arms and coil overs. (first ones where FC with same style. Jack Prior (of prad holden fame) designed and made all J&S Hunter chassis."

1962 J&S Hunter Holden 179 Sports Coupe