JWF, Brookvale, well over 100 cars.

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JWF Milano GT Mark 1
"Video from Collingrove Hill Climb on Easter Monday 2009. You will see an Elfin and a J.W.F Milano GT Mark 1 The Milano was made in Brookvale, NSW" 0.38

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The rare JWF Milano GT2 owned and raced by an Ex President of the NSW Bolwell Club

Apparently 4 were made, one was distroyed in WA, one was sold to Peter Wherrett and is now missing and the other two are accounted for.

The JWF Milano (410kg) holds the equal 9th place world record for 0-60mph at 2.7 sec

1959 MILANO MG Ex Bruce Leer "This is the first of Bruce Leers three Milano's. It was constructed in 1959 and based on a 1933 MG J2 Chassis and suspension. Fitted with MG TC motor bored out to 1466cc coupled to a close ratio MG TC gearbox, TC diff housing with modified A series diff centre. The Milano body was constructed by JWF glass-fibre industry's. Ian (Sam) Johnson had a big part to play in the cars construction being the J in JWF. "

Lobethal Grand Carnival
South Australia, 11 & 12 October 2008

"Peter Smeets (SA) brought his Milano MG Special with its Ferrari 750 Monza style body"

The "Milano" runs a supercharged MG engine…

..with a tubular frame and a fibreglass body built in Australia by JWF (Sydney) in the late fifties.

Photos are from www.flickr.com

1962 JWF Milano-Holden GT Mk1
Winner of the Fordwater Trophy, Goodwood Revival 2007

JWF Milano GT - powered by Holden
Taken at the Pjillip Island Historics March 2008..the bubble in the roof is so you can wear a helmet!

Enjoying a JWF Milano GT on public roads
"This is an onboard video highlighting the pleasure of driving a JWF Milano GT on public roads. The video was taken with a GoPro HD, the frames were cropped and cut using iMove. Look at the last scene which shows nicely what "Zwischengas" means" 2.42

"JWF MILANO GT MKI First outing in 5 years at Historic Winton in the "GREAT AUSSIE SPECIALS" PARADE" 2.51

JWF Milano GT at Gaisberg hillclimb 2009
"This is a short sequence showing the JWF Milano GT with Holden 179 engine at the Gaisberg hillclimb 2009 using an onboard camera." 0.32

JWF Milano GT at Arosa Classic Car Hillclimb 2009
"The Arosa Hillclimb is about 7km long and has 78 curves. Very special is a part of the hillclimb that goes downward for 1.2 km. This video shows the JWF Milano GT in an onboard perspective." 6.01

JWF Milano GT - Arosa ClassicCar 2010
"7.8 km, 78 Kurven, 450 m Höhendifferenz. Die Bergrennstrecke Langwies-Arosa wird nicht ohne Grund Nürburgring der Alpen genannt. In diesem Film sieht man den JWF Milano GT (1962) anlässlich der Arosa ClassicCar 2010 den Berg hoch (und runter) fahren." 5.53