Buckle,  20 cars

Two Buckles at the 2015 Shannon's Sydney Classic

from the Bill Buckle website

"Buckle Motors Pty Ltd., was established in 1927 by William G Buckle with showrooms at 127 William Street, Sydney, starting with Triumph and Talbot franchises for NSW.

This company subsequently gained N.S.W. franchises for Armstrong-Siddeley and De Soto (Chrysler Corp.) vehicles.  In 1949 Citroen was added to the group.

In 1954, W F Buckle (Bill Buckle Snr.) having been involved in various forms of motor sport in Australia and the UK, began design and construction of a fibreglass-bodied sports car using Ford Zephyr components and named Buckle 2.5 Coupe.  These cars held every hill climb and lap record for G.T. class at circuits on the East coast, and twenty four were produced.

In 1958, Bill Buckle Snr. went to Dingolfing in Bavaria to convince Hans Glas that we could produce fibreglass bodies for Goggomobil cars, and obtained the rights for Australia.  About 5000 cars were assembled from the German mechanical parts, with various style bodies, including the Dart, a light sports car, designed by Bill Buckle Snr...."

from the Buckle Coupe website

"There were 20 Buckle Coupes built.

18 turn key and 2 sold incomplete for racing purposes.

Fibreglass body with electric opening doors, large boot area, twin fuel tanks, hand built chassis with a transverse front spring.

All bodies & chassis are numbered.

All were built with Ford Zephyr 6 cylinder engines and running gear.

Some had different gearboxes and a few had a Raymond Mays 12 port alloy head.

Built in Buckle Motors' factory in Punchbowl, Australia by Bill Buckle and with the help from some of his talented friends, Ron Tauranac, Jack Anderson, Charles Buck and a team of car builders"

Buckle Coupe

"The Buckle is the craftsmanship of Bill Buckle. Designed & built in the late 1950's it depicts the style and flare of the era and it is still turning eyes today. Powered by a Ford Zephyr 6 cyl. engine its performance reflects its sports coupe style which is truly art on wheels. This is a true Australian designed & built Sports Coupe that has played a part in our motoring & motor racing history and is a credit to Bill Buckle OAM." 12.30

Buckle GT Lightweight at Sandown 2014

"A short video of John Ashwell's Buckle GT Lightweight (93-883) at the 23rd Historic Sandown, 2014. We believe this was originally Bill Buckle's car he drove and raced circa 1960-61." 1.40

Buckle Coupe Interview

"Grant Baker wanted to interview me with my Buckle Coupe and my thoughts on classic cars." 3.05

Picture taken at the 2011 Eastern Creek Classic

This picture was taken in Geelong in 1992