Other NSW Sports Cars

New South Wales, in particular Sydney, use to have a thriving "home built" car industry. A few members of the club are currently involved with restoration of Buchanan, Buckle and JWF cars.

Ascort..view their website, CLICK HERE

Buchanan, Annandale, approx 130 cars...check this website, CLICK HERE

Keith Morrison (KM), Concord, 27 of the KM200 and 8 of the KM300

JWF, Brookvale, well over 100 cars

Buckle, Punchbowl, 20 cars...view their website, CLICK HERE

J & S Hunter...view their Facebook page, CLICK HERE

Velacia, 3 cars

Nota, Dural, ...they are still going and have a website, CLICK HERE

Australian Six

Any others ?

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