Bolwell Car Club NSW Membership

Membership fees are currently $20 per person per year. The membership year goes from one Annual General Meeting until the next (the AGM is usually held in July/August)

Membership subscription can be paid
1. at the Annual General Meeting
2. by making a deposit or internet transfer to the clubs account
    (Email me for the bank details)

3. or send a cheque, payable to NSW Bolwell Club, to
PO Box 210
NSW 1450

It is important to remain financial as this keeps the club going.

Those members who have cars on Conditional Registration need to be financial to maintain their registration. Each car on Conditional Registration has to have an individual corresponding financial member of the club.

Benefits of being a member:

Conditional Registration
You need to be a financial member of the club for your registration to be valid

Being a member means you receive the monthly newsletter, sent out around the middle of the month.

Bolwell Club Events
You get to attend events put on by Bolwell Car Club

Technical Help
You'll meet lots of people in the club with that special Bolwell knowledge.

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling
Knowing you are helping to preserve a unique part of Australia's Automotive History