Conditional Registration / Historic Vehicle Scheme

This scheme is one of the great advantages of being a member of the Bolwell Car Club (currently there are close to 50 cars in the scheme). Members can register their historic vehicle under the Conditional Registration Scheme which provides limited usage of the vehicle and Compulsory Third Party insurance cover. The limit on usage is basically for club events or for road testing and servicing within 50kms of the vehicles usual place of garaging.

The NSW Bolwell Club (as of 1 October 2015) is taking part in the 60 Day log Book Trial.

NEW...Log Book Trial
Please note the Log Book trial has been extended for another 2 years from 1 October 2017.

Website updated as per this link

Please note, the Log Book needs to be filled out in PEN

Please download and read "Conditional Registration News" HERE (78kb, 2 page PDF)

To be eligible to operate under this scheme the vehicle must be 30 years old and as close to original specifications as possible. The owner must be a financial member of the club. ($20)

It is realised that the limitations are great, but so are the benefits. Historic vehicles are exempt from many taxes and charges AND the registration and insurance (Green-slip) are included in the fee. Apart from the need to get a Pink Slip (approx. $40), the cost of Conditional Registration is $55 per year plus a one off  "Plate Fee" of $33. There is also a yearly administration fee of $10 per car (This fee and the club memebrship fee should be paid together, by the 30th of September each year)

Thing you should know:

John Barnett is the clubs Conditional Registration Officer. All enquiries should be directed to him on or phone 02 4871 3373

You can download the Bolwell Car Club of Australia (NSW) Historic Vehicle Constitution here (55kb, 2 page PDF) UPDATED December 2015

Three forms are required to be completed and are available from the Road and Maritime Services (RMS) or John Barnett or download them from here.

1. Application for Conditional Registration
This form is to be presented to the RMS when all documents have been approved by the club and when you have obtained a Pink Slip. (see note at the bottom of this page) Note that there is section headed "Vehicle Identification" that requires your vehicle examiner to sign, so make sure you have the form with you when you go for your Pink Slip inspection.
Download Here (128kb 4 page PDF) [RMS Form 1246]

This form only has to be filled in the FIRST TIME you apply for conditional registration

2. Historic Vehicle Declaration
This form must be completed by you and declared that the vehicle is roadworthy. The clubs Conditional Registration Officer must approve this form.
Download Here (16kb 1 page PDF) [RMS Form 1259]

3. Confirmation of Rules Declaration
This form is kept by the club and is a confirmation you have read and understood the Rules relating to the Conditional Registration Scheme as presented in the BCCA(NSW) Historic Vehicle Constitution
Download Here (44kb 1 page PDF) UPDATED September 2015

4. Additional Form for the Log Book Trial
You need to fill out this form if ou take part in the Log Book Trial
Download Here (230kb 2 page PDF) [RMS Form 1021]

Once approved and payments are made to the RMS, you will be given Historic Registration Plates (no choice of number/letter combination), a "Certificate of Approved Operations" and a Conditional Registration sticker. Note that the plates are significantly smaller than normal plates, are a delightful mauve and white, and that the holes don't line up with your old ones!

Please note that the NSW Bolwell Car Club is listed under Country NSW Car Club on the RMS list.

The Spirit of the System
The scheme works so long as it isn't's not intended for day-to-day driving such as driving to work, going shopping, commuting to the railway station, taking the kids to school.

Layers of Bureaucracy
Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) overseas the scheme
The RMS confers with The Council of Motor Clubs (CMC) on behalf of the affiliated clubs. More information can be found on their web site
The Bolwell Car Club of NSW is affiliated with the CMC
John Barnett is the Conditional Registration Officer

Pinks Slips
You will all be aware that the traditional Pink Slip has gone electronic with the majority of garages doing the paperwork over the internet (and it's no longer pink!), HOWEVER a "glitch" in the system means they can't process Historic/Conditional Registration over the internet. To get around this the RMS will send you a white form with your renewal, the Safetly Inspection section has to be signed (section 3) by the garage (including their inspector number), then John (our Conditional Registration Officer) has to sign section 4. If you are about to put a car on Conditional Registration then you should contact John…always contact John!

btw the RMS has a backup plan for when the computer fails (I'm sure they say "if") and that is the garage should have a pad of 5 paper Pink Slips, however they charge the garage extra for these so it seem a lot of places are not bothering.