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Looking to buy a Bolwell MK7 or Nagari in good overall and drivable condition as a father/son and grandfather weekend car. The car will be very well taken care of by devout enthusiast and it will be kept in original, period correct condition.

Based in NSW but willing to travel for promising cars, I have cash on hand and willing to pay a good price for the right car. If you think you may have something suitable please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.

Contact details: 0449 176 853 - benjaminhk@gmail.com

2019 Philip Island Classic/Historics
10-12 March
Bolwell is the marque of the event, celebrationg 50 years of the Nagari.
...talk of a pardae lap of the ciruit as well as a photo opportunity at the start/finish line...more details to come

Download the Circular No. 2 HERE as a word document
Download the Circular No. 2 HERE as a PDF

Sweet and lowdown: Bolwell Mark 7

A sports coupe with a Holden engine? Ron McPherson crafted his dream combination twice.

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Watch out for this email scam....Tony sent this from the MG Car Club

"Good Morning Members

It has come to the attention of the board of the MGCC that a scam that appears to be using email addresses found in the front of Opposite Lock is in operation.

We have had members report that they have been sent emails supposedly from me (Stuart Ratcliff) requesting that they purchase i Tune cards and send images of the serial numbers to an email address. Once this is done the scammer has the value of the card and you have lost your money.

Please be aware that no member of the board of the MGCC will contact a member and ask for money to be forwarded to them personally. Email interception and fake invoices are on the rise so be careful that you are paying money to the correct bank account number if you do online banking that involves the use of emails.

The MGCC its directors and offices have nothing to do with this scam and will not accept any liability.

Stuart Ratcliff

President MGCC"

For Sale in Victoria

MARK 7 with Nargari front. Black with dark purple flecks when sun hits it. Blue printed engine. Rollar Rockers 351 Windsor V8 about 20 thousand miles. Full registration in Victoria. Has Nargari on compliance plate. B7/355S Contact Garry McColl. 0439 447 725. Warrnambool, Victoria
More pictures on the Bolwells For Sale page

For Sale in Queensland

from Easter @ Beaudesert

"In 2018 the Bolwell Car Club held its National Easter meeting at Beaudesert, the first time the event has been held in Queensland. This video is a walk around of the cars on display as part of the weekends events. You will see, in order... Ikara, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7 Convertible, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7, Nagari, Mark 7, Nagari, Nagari, Nagari Sports, Nagari...then we view around the back of these cars. We then move to the otherside of the car park and see...Mark 7, Nagari Sports, Nagari, Mark 7, Mark 7 (voted best car), GT40. There was also a Green Mark 7 and a Byfield from Western Australia there. "

"In 2018 the Bolwell Car Club held its National Easter meeting at Beaudesert, the first time the event has been held in Queensland. This video is a walk around of the Bolwell Ikara that was there, car number 11."

"This video was taken at the National Bolwell Easter meeting 2018, held at Beaudesert Queensland. The current owner brought the car over for the event. The car was constructed under the guidence of Cliff Byfield. The current owner writes... "Hi, finished in 1987. When he sold his business he became a manual arts teacher at Cyril Jackson high school. Kids had heard of his abilities and asked him to design and build a car from scratch. He then asked the principal if he could. As such he built the car mechanicals from many wrecks and rebuilt them with help from students. He then showed them how to build the body. Basically car runs a 1300 escort motor, t9 gearbox, cortina rear with trailing arms and coil over shock. Front is leyland marina torsion bar and lever shocks with rack and pinion. All body, seats, s/s trims etc designed and built by Cliff with help from students. Has a hinged roof panels and side doors. All can be taken off to have no doors and roof, or no doors or roof. Car has travelled from Esperance in the south of w.a to Kununurra in the far north of the state. Has had 4 owners now including me. Second owner used it to tow a motor bike around the state that he competed in. Never been restored, just repaired as and when required (dash and wiring )"

Media Release.

New 40km/hr rule to protect our emergency service workers and volunteers

Published 8 Apr 2018

The safety of our emergency service workers and volunteers received a huge boost today with the NSW Government announcing it will introduce a new road rule requiring motorists to slow down to 40km/h when passing them on the roadside.

Minister for Police and Emergency Services Troy Grant said the 40km/hr rule will provide extra protection for our emergency service personnel who put their lives on the line.

"Our emergency service workers and volunteers are out there every day, often putting themselves in harm's way to protect us and keep us safe on the roads," Mr Grant said.

"Our police, fire fighters, ambulance officers, State Emergency Service and rescue volunteers do difficult and dangerous work with little or no fanfare.

"These new measures will help ensure the safety of our dedicated emergency service personnel."

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey said the new rule will strengthen current laws and require motorists to slow down to 40km/hr when an emergency vehicle is stopped and has its red or blue lights flashing on all roads.

"The new rule will begin as a 12 month trial from 1 September 2018 following a comprehensive public education campaign," said Mrs Pavey.

These rules will give all emergency workers extra protection, and confidence that they can go to work and at the end of their shift, get home safely to their families.

The NSW Government will monitor the safety and traffic impacts of the rule over the 12-month period in consultation with NSW Police, emergency service organisations as well as stakeholder groups.

"The January 2018 edition of Retroautos is now online. Click on this LINK.

How about a HR Holden coupe? What would it have looked like? Why did Holden not build it? We have the full story.

John Maclurcan shares his passion for his 1962 Vauxhall VX 4/90, Australia's first locally-assembled affordable luxury sports sedan. John has driven the VX 4/90 all around the UK on its NSW licence plates!

Lance Wilson collects and restores historic speedway cars. He shows us his Trostle sprintcar, driven by American ace Larry Burton when he toured this country in 1980. It is all original!

Everyone knows about the Edsel. What is less known is that it could have looked very different had it been based on the Mercury XM 800 concept car as was originally planned. We have the story about how this stylish Mercury lost the competition to be the new Edsel but ended up in a movie, became a technical test bed at an American university, was left forgotten in a barn and now resides in a museum.

Cheers.....David "

Click HERE to go the ABC Radio National Website to listen to "Bolwell: An Aussie sports car on Blueprint for Living - RN" an interview with Campbell Bolwell

Log Book Trial
Please note the Log Book trial has been extended for another 2 years from 1 October 2017.

Website updated as per this link

Wanted: Bolwell Nagari
Michael from Canberra is after a Nagari "I'm after one to work on with my son but I've not seen may around." you can contact him on 0407 849 260 or mrorke@tpg.com.au

It's Here... New Bolwell Book...order through the website....

The NSW Bolwell Club (as of 1 October 2015) is taking part in the 60 Day log Book Trial.

Please download and read "Conditional Registration News" HERE (78kb, 2 page PDF)

CMC Update....
Council of Motor Clubs

As reported earlier the CMC has been active with technical representative on the Vehicle Standards Working Group, for those members wanting to restore a car by replacing the body and/or major components without having to make it into a "new car". If you are modifying or building a modified vehicle you should be using a VSCCS engineer. A brochure is available at:

Also read and understand the new guidelines in regard to the type of testing, if any, required.

Read the new guidelines developed through the VSWG for modified vehicles at:

If a brake test is required, it will need to be tested in accordance with new brake assessment manual, which also has been introduced to make it easier and more affordable for enthusiasts to obtain approval at:

Tony Pengilly

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