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SOLD, going to Victoria

Bolwell Mark 6


....they only made one, and it was for sale...got to be quick

"Briefly the car has had a new engine with BMW V8 pistons, steel con rods, billet steel flywheel, extreme stage 2 clutch, ceramic coated extractors, Yella Terra roller rockers, webers all rebuilt, new pumps, fans and hoses. Front and rear shocks replaced, all new rose joints, new rotoflex drive couplings, half shaft uni joints and upright bearings. New layshaft and selector forks 1st reverse 4th and 5th gear sets and dog rings to gear box. Four new MB Racing (UK) three piece wheels spun aluminium rims with magnesium centres. Brakes reconditioned new braided lines new front rotors rebushed pedals cable adjusted brake bias and Porterfield R4-1 pads. I can go on but I'm sure you have the picture I have kept a diary so have a good record of the work done for anybody who may be interested. Current group Q sports CAMS Log book, 2017 Cams race audit, Certificate of Description."

from Stacey in WA

Mk7 Tail Lights

"I have spoken to Gary of Toyota heritage who has had the ms40 crown (Bolwell mk7) tail light lenses made and are now for sale. Gary has contacts in Japan and says that this particular model is extremely rare this the reason he had them made. I have also asked him to contact me directly if he can get a complete set or the chrome bezel in his travels around the world so I can pass onto our members for a first option of purchase."

For one set of lenses, the cost will be $190. If you get together and order 3 or more sets, the cost will be $165 a set.

To order please contact him directly;

Email- sales@toyotaheritage.com
Website- toyotaheritage.com
Gary, mob #0416645334

I have a second hand set if anyone is interested.
regards Vic Meyer
ph. 0410 599 249"

For Photos from Easter, go to the Bolly Blog

"It looks like being a very good Easter."

"Not a bad lineup."

"Show & Tell - Coulthard House."

"Seen outside the aviation museum."

"The Godfather."

Now on sale at a newsagency near you for $9.95

with a great article by Rob Luck..

It's Here... New Bolwell Book...order through the website.

The NSW Bolwell Club (as of 1 October 2015) is taking part in the 60 Day log Book Trial.

Please download and read "Conditional Registration News" HERE (78kb, 2 page PDF)

CMC Update....
Council of Motor Clubs

As reported earlier the CMC has been active with technical representative on the Vehicle Standards Working Group, for those members wanting to restore a car by replacing the body and/or major components without having to make it into a "new car". If you are modifying or building a modified vehicle you should be using a VSCCS engineer. A brochure is available at:

Also read and understand the new guidelines in regard to the type of testing, if any, required.

Read the new guidelines developed through the VSWG for modified vehicles at:

If a brake test is required, it will need to be tested in accordance with new brake assessment manual, which also has been introduced to make it easier and more affordable for enthusiasts to obtain approval at:

Tony Pengilly

You will find information about upcoming events of the club and information regarding the conditional registration scheme the club runs.

You will also find information on other cars of a similar ilk to the Bolwell marque, for example Ascort, Buchanan, Buckle, Hunter, JWF,  KM, Nota, Velacia.

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