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Bolwell Easter UPDATE Only 50 sleeps before some of you will set off on the inaugural trip to Queensland's Easter Weekend.
....... the next thing you know..... you will be back in beaudesert again.

Attached are some questions and details for making the final payment for this years Easter

payment required by the 22nd of February 2018.

PS by returning the questions i can work out if all the email address have worked.


Jason Weber

Download the Update HERE

"The January 2018 edition of Retroautos is now online. Click on this LINK.

How about a HR Holden coupe? What would it have looked like? Why did Holden not build it? We have the full story.

John Maclurcan shares his passion for his 1962 Vauxhall VX 4/90, Australia's first locally-assembled affordable luxury sports sedan. John has driven the VX 4/90 all around the UK on its NSW licence plates!

Lance Wilson collects and restores historic speedway cars. He shows us his Trostle sprintcar, driven by American ace Larry Burton when he toured this country in 1980. It is all original!

Everyone knows about the Edsel. What is less known is that it could have looked very different had it been based on the Mercury XM 800 concept car as was originally planned. We have the story about how this stylish Mercury lost the competition to be the new Edsel but ended up in a movie, became a technical test bed at an American university, was left forgotten in a barn and now resides in a museum.

Cheers.....David "

Click HERE to go the ABC Radio National Website to listen to "Bolwell: An Aussie sports car on Blueprint for Living - RN" an interview with Campbell Bolwell

Deposit Form for Bolwell Easter 2018
...for the first time in QLD

Download the information form HERE

Deposit required by the 22 December 2017 (this form has the updated bank details)

At last count it was 46 people and 23 cars

Log Book Trial
Please note the Log Book trial has been extended for another 2 years from 1 October 2017.

Website updated as per this link

Wanted: Bolwell Nagari
Michael from Canberra is after a Nagari "I'm after one to work on with my son but I've not seen may around." you can contact him on 0407 849 260 or mrorke@tpg.com.au

It's Here... New Bolwell Book...order through the website....

The NSW Bolwell Club (as of 1 October 2015) is taking part in the 60 Day log Book Trial.

Please download and read "Conditional Registration News" HERE (78kb, 2 page PDF)

CMC Update....
Council of Motor Clubs

As reported earlier the CMC has been active with technical representative on the Vehicle Standards Working Group, for those members wanting to restore a car by replacing the body and/or major components without having to make it into a "new car". If you are modifying or building a modified vehicle you should be using a VSCCS engineer. A brochure is available at:

Also read and understand the new guidelines in regard to the type of testing, if any, required.

Read the new guidelines developed through the VSWG for modified vehicles at:

If a brake test is required, it will need to be tested in accordance with new brake assessment manual, which also has been introduced to make it easier and more affordable for enthusiasts to obtain approval at:

Tony Pengilly

You will find information about upcoming events of the club and information regarding the conditional registration scheme the club runs.

You will also find information on other cars of a similar ilk to the Bolwell marque, for example Ascort, Buchanan, Buckle, Hunter, JWF,  KM, Nota, Velacia.

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